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The world of financial planning is a confusing place.  It’s not easy wading through all the information and choices to find the proper investment(s).  Different strategies require different levels of risk.  Today and going forward, we need to consider how will we be able to put our children through college?  What age can we retire?  What will be our level of income during our retirement years?  How can we reduce our taxes today and in retirement?  What are all of my choices in the world of Financial Planning and how do I learn what is correct for me?

There are no quick easy answers, but there are solutions.  Boro Capital Management (BCM) is a team oriented full service Financial Planning firm.  We personalize in Personal Financial Planning.  This includes, but is not limited to, investment management, retirement planning, estate planning, risk management (insurance) and mortgages.  We have a disciplined approach to personalized financial planning.  Our clients are educated through face to face appointments and mailed materials in areas of financial planning.

Financial Planning Services
Most people are in great need of personal financial planning. They have certain basic financial goals they want to attain, but such objectives usually are not precisely defined. To help meet their goals, a bewildering array of investments, insurance, savings plans, tax-savings devices, retirement...
Investment Advisory Services
Boro Capital's investment advisory services are an integral component of our overall goals driven approach to advising our clients. We seek to provide you with returns that are consistent, competitive and in-line with your objectives. Clients typically are exposed to a level of risk that they...
Asset Verification and Tagging
Boro Capital Management offers fixed assets management solutions which comprise:Developing fixed assets procedures and policy manuals;Fixed asset verification and tagging;Generation of fixed asset listing; andReconciliation of fixed asset listing to existing assets registers. Developing Fixed...

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